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As a gallery, we offer many programs and events such as painting workshops, maker workshops, and a book club. We also offer a diverse selection of artists in our gallery and online showroom space, which is open to the public. As a non-profit cultural organization, we are dedicated to fostering a variety of art and creative expression in the community. We offer educational programs, programming and events. Our mission is to provide a space for art to flourish and to support the arts in our community.

I was inspired to paint this picture while I was planting my new celosia plants. I had bought them from the store and they were mixtures of red, pink, and yellow flowers. They are magical and reminded me of the power of nature. I am not the best at painting but I am happy with how this turned out. I wanted to portray that calm feeling I got from my celosia flowers in this painting as well as show how delicate and soft they are. I tried to capture the intensity of their colors by painting them with a lot of light and different brushstrokes.

Jessie Woodson

When I discovered your online Gallery, it was as if a dream had come true! I cannot express my gratitude enough for the time and consideration you devote to the entire submission/exhibition process on behalf of The Art Gallery Online and the artists you represent. The time and effort you devote to producing informative and helpful articles for artists who are new to this type of endeavor – artists who, like myself, are struggling to share their work with people – is invaluable.

Frank Pires

Many thanks!!! You guys are incredible at assisting artists and facilitating possibilities for us to share our work with a broader audience. You guys are fantastic and a true advocate for artists. I cannot express my gratitude for everything you do!! I also enjoy the thought of being able to submit work electronically rather than having to physically send it to you. Given the remarkable times in which we find ourselves, it's a breath of fresh air to still be able to show/share our artwork with a larger audience.

Jennifer DeMarco
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Our exhibitions encompass a wide scope of art and are an important asset to the city. A one-stop shop for artists, we offer contemporary masterpieces and collections. Our mission is to support the arts and arts education for our community members.

  • Expressionism
  • Gutai group
  • Les Plasticiens
  • Situationist national
  • Neo expressionism
  • New European Pinting
  • Remodernism
  • Sound Art
  • Enviromental Art
  • Neo-conceptual Art
  • Figuration Libre
  • Funk Art
  • Transgressive Art
  • Digital Art
  • Video Installation
  • Postminimalism
  • Lowbrow Art movement
  • Performance Art
  • New York School
  • Post-painterly Abstraction
  • Saint Soleil School
  • Institutional Critique
  • Young British Artists
  • Electronic Art
  • Warli painting Revival
  • Postmodern Art
  • New objectivity