Jan 1 2020 - Jan 1 2020

A Fruitful Rainbow


Learning to draw and paint was a great lesson in perseverance and dedication. I wanted to start a series of paintings that would show a perspective that isn't often talked about. I wanted to show the beauty in all of the fruits and vegetables from our earth, from their roots to their growing time to their harvest time. I wanted to show the attention and love given by those who grow them, those who package them, those who prepare them for us as food. I am not an expert at painting or drawing still-life artwork, but it turns out that there is no better way to practice than just looking at your classic bounty of fruits and vegetables!

Curator’s word

A Fruitful Rainbow is a work of art reminiscent of times past. Using dexterous composition skills, the artist brings this still life to fruition with practiced verve. The accuracy applied in realizing the formation of the humble fruits and vegetables outlined, is a tribute to the genre. In depicting the inanimate objects, the artist pays particular attention to lighting in order to distinguish the lavish fruits from the bronze backdrop that surrounds them. The metallic tones that perpetuate through the image allude to grandeur and lineage. These varying brassy lowlights and highlights applied to the objects add both depth and perspective to the painting while the brush strokes employed generate structure and definition around the scene and its subjects. This comprehensive technique shapes and blends the arcs and edges that constitute the nutrients, harmoniously. When absorbing this work, the viewer instinctively takes a step back in time, to an affluent yet simple world.
  • Jan 1 2020 - Jan 30 2020

  • Lillian Colden