Climate Crisis

Jan 31 2022 - Jan 31 2022

Climate Crisis


Climate change is an important, current and ongoing issue. This is especially true in the Arctic region. If you are unaware of what climate change is, it is a global or regional change in weather patterns that lasts for a long period of time. Climate change is greatly caused by the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide which is produced by the use of fossil fuels, such as exhaust from cars and trucks, burning trash, and factory emissions. These are also contributing to global warming which is, a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Some effects of global warming in the Arctic are rising temperatures in the air and in the water surrounding the Arctic. Another is the loss of sea ice and melting of ice sheets which is caused by the increased temperatures. This also greatly impacts the Arctic plants and animals, they are rapidly dying, decreasing in numbers, possibly leading to their extinction. The melting ice sheets are destroying the wildlife population and increasing the sea level.


The arid palette the artist deploys is both ominous and foretelling. The instigator of climate change looms menacingly in the background of the painting while its effects dominate the expanse of the image. The smoke-filled sky and barren landscape act as a warning. As the child depicted fruitlessly attempts to hydrate decaying vegetation, the artist offers a glimpse at the future that awaits humanity at the hand of continued resource depletion and global warming.
  • Jan 1 2021 - Jan 30 2021