Prevent Wildland Fires

Jan 31 2022 - Jan 31 2022

Prevent Wildland Fires


Our forests are priceless—over 700 million acres of forest cover nearly a third of the Earth’s land surface. Forests provide food, water, and shelter to various plants and animals. Trees provide us with fuel, food, raw materials, and medicine. More significantly, trees and plants in the forest keep the Earth’s temperature tolerable and provide us with oxygen. Wildfires are unexpected and unwanted fires that threaten people who live near forests, parks, and communities. Wildfires can also harm plants, animals, and their habitats.


The ferocity of wildfire is clearly represented in this painting to form a loaded visual reminder that climate change is not only real but advancing exponentially. The frothy skyline is created with deliberate curvatures that denote a stifling illusion. The sky appears to be suffocating amid the rampant blaze. Using monochromatic brush strokes, the effects of the flaming inferno manifest in the lifeless trees that reside in the foreground.
  • Jan 1 2021 - Jan 30 2021