Silent Skies

Jan 31 2022 - Jan 31 2022

Silent Skies


Bird populations continue to decline rapidly across North America and abroad due to several environmental issues. Over three billion fewer birds inhabit North America today than in 1970, accounting for approximately one-fourth of all birds. While the decline is alarming, there are measures to halt or reduce it. We can provide a haven for our feathery companions and nesting possibilities on your land. By substituting native plants for grass, you can attract local and migratory birds. Similarly, steer clear of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. They are detrimental to birds and insects and have the potential to poison species directly. Purchasing organic food decreases the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that birds encounter.


Silent Skies cautions against the depopulation of bird life. Continuous environmental shifts threaten the existence of the species. Without bird song the sky becomes a mute plateau. The artist demonstrates practiced technique and thoughtful execution in their depiction of this message. The illuminated border which surrounds the featured birds acts to highlight their significance while the decorated midnight sky and succulent flora convey a stunning habitat worthy of protection.
  • Jan 1 2021 - Jan 30 2021