Jan 1 2019 - Jan 1 2019

True inner essence


At first glance, this may just be a picture of a simple parrot. Really, this picture has so much more meaning to it, as every bright, brilliant color you see represents some of our most passionate emotions. I believe that everything in life symbolizes something, and the parrot symbolizes the representation of your true self. Your true self wants to be let out and for you to show your true colors! Plus, birds in general symbolize freedom and bravery. The red and white on the checkerboard behind the parrot may seem random, but those colors represent our natural human emotions. Red is such a passionate color, as it represents life, love, vigor, anger, and courage, while white represents purity and innocence.

Curator’s word

Using colored pencils, the artist outlines a rich rendition of the revered talking bird, the illustrious hot-temperate parrot. The jovial, imitator nature of the parrot is mimicked in the repetitive pattern that forms the background of the image. The tropical bird perches against a red and white checkered milieu. The depth created in the shading of the parrot itself establishes a definitive perspective against the backdrop. The precise use of shadows enlivens the parrot’s feathers while the curvatures in the colored lines bestow a frothy softness to the bird’s luscious coat. The intensity of the color moves between light and dark to emulate the range of the bird’s entertaining and unpredictable personality. The piece is eye-catching and modern. The fluorescent color palette cultivates approachability and warmth while the sharp and practiced detail at play in executing the parrot’s beak, reminds the viewer that the technicolor bird is not just a thing of spectacle but a visceral being too.
  • Jan 1 2019 - Jan 30 2019

  • Lillian Colden