Jan 1 2020 - Jan 1 2020

Feathered Flowers


While I was planting my new celosia plants, I was inspired to create this image. They were a mix of red, pink, and yellow flowers that I purchased from the supermarket. They are magical and reminded me of nature's might. Although I am not the finest painter, I am pleased with how this turned out. I tried to convey the tranquil sensation I get from my celosia flowers in this painting, as well as their delicacy and softness. I attempted to convey the intensity of their colors through the use of a variety of light and brushstrokes.

Curator’s word

The color palette at play in Feathered Flowers evokes a strong air of elegance and affluence. The red and gold hues that make up the amber scene are synonymous with wealth, luxury, and opulence. The colors invite you to dive beneath the surface and thread the hidden currents of this deeply subjective piece. The prosperous flowers depicted are both feathered and fluid, as if submerged under an irrigated veil. The water element implemented in this abstract floral interpretation endorses the delicate and gentle connotations often associated with refined flora. They rest enigmatically in a tincture bath, as though safeguarding a realm of mystery. The fragility of this piece is expressed predominantly in the fluttering execution of the petals, to invoke the impression that what lies beneath the flowers is both fragile and precious. The artist conceivably positions the richly colored flowers as powerful guardians to an existential elixir.
  • Jan 1 2020 - Jan 30 2020

  • Lillian Colden