Jan 1 2019 - Jan 1 2019

Inner Spirit revealed


A flower is receptive to everything in its environment: nature, light, the sun's rays, the wind, and so on. It has an unavoidable effect on everything in its vicinity. It exudes a sense of exhilaration and awe. It is impartial: it makes no distinctions. Everyone can appreciate its beauty and fragrance without fear of being wrong. It is fair and consistent for everyone. There is no discrimination, or anything. It is generous in how it bestows the mystical beauty and the very essence of Nature without reservation or constraint. It gives up all for our enjoyment, even its life, in order to express the beauty and mystery of the things gathered within. And then there's kindness: it's soft, it's lovely, it's near to us, it's loving. We are filled with excitement by its presence. It is perpetually upbeat and joyful.

Curator’s word

There is beauty to be found in the harshest of places. Inner Spirit Revealed is a tribute to this philosophy. The ethereal momentum of the whimsical flora at the heart of the painting stands in stark contrast to the dense brick wall in the rear. The harshness of the wall contributes an added softness to the already delicate flowers that emphasizes their celestial structure. It is almost as if the flowers are protruding from the wall, like they have formed an opening in the wall. A mystical, cloud-like sentiment flows through the wall and takes form in a blossomed floral decolletage. The flowers are rooted in a wheel and vase. There is both function and style associated with the objects that house the plant-life. The white and fuchsia petaled flowers transcend the brown and red bricked wall as they sway in the breeze conjured by the artist’s notable acrylic technique.
  • Jan 1 2019 - Jan 30 2019

  • Lillian Colden