Jan 1 2020 - Jan 1 2020

Slow Stream Reflections


This picture shows a small group of empty canoes of different colors all floating peacefully in the water of a river. I wanted to paint this picture as a way of representing the stillness before making a decision, like which path to take in life. As you can see, the colors to the far left and right sides of the painting fade into lighter colors while the center has more plant life. This shows that there is a fork in the river, so there are two paths the group of canoes could take. For the background, I stuck to a neutral color palette, using colors such as tan, beige, baby blue, and khaki green. I used brighter shades of green, yellow, and red in order to make the canoes pop out from the rest of the picture.

Curator’s word

Slow Stream Reflections is a reflective acrylic-based musing. The linear backdrop chutes from the top to the bottom of the canvas to create an almost translucent curtain of wickered greenery The cascading framework donates an enchanting semblance across the entire painting. A collection of small boats at the forefront of the image occupies the focal point of the painting and inhabit the role of image protagonist. The artist uses the body of water at the base of the landscape to create a mirrored division in which the vessels amble transversely. The boats perform an alluring and endearing procession through the draped foliage. Their voyage is slow and steady, as they appear to saunter atop the film of water that lies beneath their bows. They perform a coy yet seductive dance on the crest of the tranquil ripples, almost as if they are presenting themselves to the viewer as charming debutants.
  • Jan 1 2020 - Jan 30 2020

  • Lillian Colden