A Spring Harvest

Curator’s Words

The intersection between light and dark is realized impeccably in this work. The bright florals and produce are illuminated by the pockets of shade that define the simple yet complex subject matter. The coconuts and corn featured in the image signify links with warm temperate climates and environments. There is a tenderness to the piece which translates from the detailed execution of the scrumptious grains and plant life that characterize A Spring Harvest. This is achieved by way of attentive paint application and fine brush lengths. The nutritious foods are brandished in a floral bed which adds a further tenderness to the piece. The artists passion comes to life in the decision to coat the scene in a metallic overlay. The decadent bronze coating is both accented and contrasted by the pastel flower petals that decorate the scene. In featuring more than one organism, A Spring Harvest represents a very sophisticated still life.


A Spring Harvest


Jennifer DeMarco


Since my favorite time of year, Autumn, is quickly approaching, I decided to paint some of the bountiful crops humans have been raising for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Since this is the time of harvest, I included crops that you would generally notice, such as corn and grains.
I also decided to paint this because it makes me reminisce about the holidays with my family, and the good food we would share together every year. I chose a warm, cozy looking harvest palette for the color choices in this picture. To achieve these warm, Autumn colors, I would use a deep red color followed by a bit of purple and gold. This color tends to be tricky to work with, so practice makes perfect.